When This Site Will Come Down

Jim Wright: A Warning to the Body of Christ – Signed by Over 35 Christian leaders.

When Jim Wright removes his hateful lies against others which over 35 Christian leaders have rebuked him for, this page will be removed. Until then, the page will remain up to warn Christians against Wright’s sinful behavior.


One thought on “When This Site Will Come Down

  1. I found this site on a search for Jim Wright after I noticed he keeps attacking different people who I have received a lot from. It just confirms what I suspected. Now I see that this guy is a hypocrite committing pretty much the same sins he accuses others of. I think you are very generous to be willing to remove this site if Jim follows your condition, but I looked at the date of your first article and conclude that Jim is an idiot. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think Wright is smart enough to take down his trashing articles so I guess this site will remain up forever. Christians need to be warned as long as he has his lies up so thank you for exposing him for what he really is.


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